Three steps for launching your products on time.

One: Test at a WiMAX Forum® Designated Certification Lab

WiMAX RPT Videos Want your products WiMAX™ certified? A WiMAX Forum® authorized lab is a good place to start. They can help you clear the hurdles so your product pasts the test. The first authorized lab is located in Spain and is operated by the WiMAX Forum’s lead certification testing partner, AT4 wireless, Inc. Initially only five WiMAX Forum® authorized test labs will be available: one each in the US, Spain, China, Korea and Taiwan.

Two: Pre-Test to Know Before You Go

The first WiMAX Forum® authorized lab will perform the radiated performance test (RPT) of on-board antennas using an AMS-8500 system. ETS-Lindgren, an expert in systems for wireless OTA and performance measurement, developed the AMS-8500, which can include test equipment from Agilent Technologies. You can install an identical system in your lab. If you don’t need (or don’t have room for) a full compliance system, an AMS-8050 may be the answer. Properly used by qualified operators, our AMS-8050 can increase the probability of your products passing the WiMAX Forum® RPT Test Plan the first time.This compact mobile test lab is self-contained and doesn’t require building permits or special installation. The AMS-8050 makes pre-compliance measurements, but results correlate well with results from our full compliance AMS-8500.

Three: Let the RPT experts at ETS-Lindgren help

ETS-Lindgren is the lead technical contributor to the WiMAX Forum® RPT Test Plan. We know where the standards are today and where they are headed tomorrow. That means systems from us are designed with flexibility and scalability built in. The RPT system used in the first WiMAX™ authorized lab is designed by ETS-Lindgren. The same system is installed and working in our own lab. We not only make what we sell, we use it, understand it, and apply our experience to improve it. ETS-Lindgren has a history and a successful track record of developing OTA performance measurement systems. The first CATL for OTA Part 2 testing used one of our systems.

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